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2022 Gala & Awards Dinner!

Congratulations to our President and Founder, Richard Augustine, for receiving the 2022 Humanitarian Award! This award is a testament to all the work and time he has put in to give back to our community.

"A special thank you to all the friends and family who are responsible for giving me the opportunity to serve others... I want to thank our clients for giving me the opportunity to join them in their journey and provide positive change in their lives... I believe that you get no where in life alone. I believe that while this award was bestowed on me it is not mine, but it belongs to all those in my life who were on this journey with me... I am thankful to have them in my life and for all the work they have done."

If you weren't able to attend the gala, please check out the following highlights video as well as a special introduction from NBC5's Allison Rosati!


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