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"We built this company to serve our clients. We want to be attached at the hip so they are always well informed. We want it to feel like home" - Richard J Augustine 

R.J. Augustine's roots run deep in the greater Chicago Area. What began as a thriving accounting business conducted at tables in a college apartment complex became a popular bricks and mortar-based firm in Mount Prospect, Illinois during the 1970s. Today our clients come from every county in the greater Chicago area, and all over the world.

Maybe it's the personalized financial guidance that you and your business get from us. Maybe it's expert tax management and accounting. Maybe it's the convenience of in-depth audits, business valuations, and financial planning. Whatever it is, it has made R.J. Augustine one of the leading firms in Illinois.



Our Mission

Our mission is to help our clients maintain financial viability while proactively working towards future goals. This is accomplished through open communication, sound analysis and research.

Our Philosophy

At R.J. Augustine, your success is our success. Understanding your business is our first priority, and we are actively involved in helping it grow over the long term. We anticipate the risks, plot the potential and help you manage them to your advantage. R.J. Augustine is committed to exceeding your expectations and inspiring positive financial returns.

R.J. Augustine goes out of our way to seek, attract, train and retain the best possible people in the industry. We are not simply accountants alone, but experts who specialize in all facets of finance - who see beyond the numbers and understand their impact. Since 1978, we've been entrusted by our clients to track their progress, suggest ideas for growth, and help them realize innovative direction. As your trusted advisor, we can help you reach your goals - and realize success beyond the ordinary. 

In a volatile business climate, financial strength is key to stability and growth. Follow the rules. Know the strategies. And work with people who understand the issues.  R.J. Augustine is among the area's leading professional services firms that can help you identify and capitalize on business opportunities. We deliver the value you expect, the ideas and solutions that meet your needs, and take innovative paths to improve your financial future.

R.J. Augustine's business and financial advisors are trained to co-develop your service expectations and help shape the future to your best advantage. We understand your unique needs and our team of focused professionals are energic, enthusiastic, and dedicated to providing the greatest value for you and for all of our clients. R.J. Augustine's approach is decided to facilitate our role as your business advisor. We are accessible, resourceful, and responsive to help you make informed decisions to plan for a promising future.

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