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What did I say?

Tiffany Mosig - Monday, August 05, 2019

Sometimes we get lost in our own language. Despite technology, the world struggles to comprehend itself. Computers talk across numerous platforms. But humans have to make a concerted effort to understand each other’s lexicon. English is especially difficult because it’s loaded with social slang that helps differentiate us. Case in point: it’s English but different.


At half ten on Saturday I was chuffed. I had skived off and was heading to a car boot sale with a bag of shrapnel and the radio blasting. Before you know it, Elton and I were singing “Hold me closer, Tony Danza…count the headlights on the highway…” Okay, Mondegreen aside, it was elevenses, so I stopped for a sarnie.


As I ate, I thought of my old friend with deipnophobia. Her party went pear-shaped when everyone chundered. Now she can’t bear all the argy-bargy and tarradiddle at mealtime. I think it’s kakorraphiophobia. Reminds me. I should tweet her. Octothorpe DontInviteMe. By the way, the car boot sale was a damp squid. Plus a bird left a surprise on my car bonnet.


You see what I mean? Good thing we can all understand a smile and a laugh.


I know you’re busy. Here’s a quick word look-up if you like:



Half ten 10:30 
Chuffed   Excited, happy 
Skived off   Ditched (work, school, chores) 
Car boot sale   Like a garage or yard sale, but out of car trunks 
Shrapnel   Loose change 
Mondegreen   Misquoted phrase from misheard lyrics. It came from the song Earl O’Moray: “They slew the Earl and laid him on the green” was interpreted as “They slew the Earl and Lady Mondegreen.” 
Elevenses   Snack time, tea time 
Sarnie   Sandwich 
Deipnophobia*   Morbid fear of dinner parties 
Went pear-shaped   Gone wrong; failed 
Chundered   Vomited 
Argy-Bargy   Arguments 
Taradiddle   Pretentious nonsense 
Kakorraphiophobia*   Abnormal fear of failure or defeat  
Damp squid   Disappointment 
Car bonnet   Hood 




*I threw those in just for fun. Not sorry.





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