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Precious Gift: The timeless power of a story

Tiffany Mosig - Wednesday, December 20, 2017

This time of year always reminds me of being spellbound by the stories read to us during the holidays.Not a creature stirred until the end. Even now, kids enjoy those classics because they take us out of our world and into another. So why not tap into another vast resource of memorable stories?




Each one of us is full of life stories that will never be told except by us. We may not think much of them. But other generations might. For them, stories are a window into us and the world as we experienced it.



It really hit home as I was researching my ancestry online. Names and dates and places stacked up one after another in neat rows going back hundreds of years. Okay. But who were these people really? Without stories, they were just lists of names. I wanted more.


Then a document would show up that put flesh on an ancient ancestor; a link to a historic person or event brought the 17th century to life in an instant. Real life stories gave me compassion for what they endured, and a sense of kinship I will never forget.


Much of what we know about our world and all those who came before us came through storytelling, especially where there was no written record.Religions and empires were built on powerful stories long before journalism showed up on our phones.


Stories are still powerful. By sharing ours with our kids and grandkids, we give them a better understanding of who we are, the world we live (and lived) in, and ultimately, who they are.It is a gift that will never stop giving.


All of us at RJ Augustine wish you warm and happy holidays with your family and friends. May you find time to share some of your stories with them this season.

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