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Not everyone can be the brick

Tiffany Mosig - Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Do you ever click on a celebrity obituary and end up scrolling through pages of tributes to other famous people? I do. Even when the names aren’t familiar, I get caught up in their achievements and imagine doing something that impacts millions of people, or the earth, or how we understand our vast and mysterious universe.


Not everyone expects to change the world. But that doesn’t mean we’re just background noise for the movers and shakers. Are we the mortar that holds history together?


Try building a house of bricks without mortar. Where would history be without fortresses? How could castle walls and stone bridges protect the kingdom without the goo that holds the ancient stone in place? Without mortar we might not be here.


How we knowingly (and unknowingly) influence each other and events is called synchronicity. It can be a chain reaction of shared information, or moments like “sliding doors” or “6 degrees of separation.” Maybe it’s the path we took at the fork. Things we say and do today will impact our future and other people’s futures in ways we may never know.


A woman buys an antique at a garage sale. Ten years later she donates it to a fundraising auction. Five years after that she puts her house up for sale. Friends bring her a home buyer. Because the buyers are friends of friends, she lets them move some things into the house before the closing. One day she comes home to find the antique back in her home.


All these things really happened to just one person. Now multiply that by the rest of humanity. Mortal mortar is good. I don’t need to be Sir Isaac Newton. I’m just as happy to be the apple.


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