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Moments we remember

Tiffany Mosig - Wednesday, March 14, 2018

No matter what we do or where we go in life, doesn't everything boil down to tiny memorable moments? Listen to the stories people tell at work-they're about moments that made them feel great or awful. This is about 2 moments.


On a flight from Seattle to Chicago, I watched as a medical drama unfolded in the passenger cabin. We were to be diverted to Billings, MT so a passenger could be taken to a hospital. It was nearly time for the dinner cart when the announcement came.



Folks with connecting flights in Chicago had furrowed eyebrows. Growling stomachs got louder. But thanks to a very savvy crew, there were no outbursts from passengers; only jokes about having pizza delivered to the tarmac and stepping out on the wing for a smoke.


We landed and watched as the man in Row G was put in an ambulance. Then we watched the sunset as we taxied to the runway. Eventually the chicken-or-fish was brought back out, a little worse for reheating. Still no angst or complaints from the cabin.


Despite tight connection times, there was no mad scramble for the overhead bins when we landed; no pushing and shoving. Instead there was a standing ovation for the crew. I'll never forget it.


In contrast, there's the guy who tailgated me down a dark, icy two-lane road with deep ditches at 5am because I wouldn't speed up. When tapping my brakes failed, he moved closer. And turned on his brights.


Eventually we made it to a traffic light where he pulled up beside me and shot me an obscene gesture. But it was his total lack of concern for my terror (and my life) that I remember most.


Lesson One: Never underestimate the power of little things. Lesson Two: Patience is not a little thing.

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