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Leaping Lizards, it’s Leap Year!

Tiffany Mosig - Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Is anyone else noticing that “rounding up” is the new painless way to fundraise? Retailers, banks and non-profits alike are asking us to round up so the pocket change will accumulate for the benefit of ourselves or someone else. Not a bad idea. It’s just a few dollars or cents that you’ll never miss…


But what about other forms of rounding? (You know, like when we round off numbers for our own ends?) You’re not 39; you’re ‘thirtysomething.’ The $425 shopping spree was ‘just a few hun.’ Your $425 insurance bill is half a grand, for crying out loud. Two-and-a-half hour trips that we like are ‘just a couple of hours.’ Ones we hate are nearly three hours long. Is rounding just a form of denial?


One of my friends rounds up every check in her checkbook to make adding and subtracting easier. Even though it’s inaccurate, she is silently building a cushion in her account. As the cowboys used to say, all those round-ups generate cash.


Something to think about as the world rounds up February to 29 days to make up for the deficit the last 3 years. So as you round the corner into March, enjoy the bounty of February’s bonus twenty-four hours.


You earned it.


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