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Is February bringing out the best or the beast in us?

Tiffany Mosig - Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Between novels and extraordinary film making technology, today’s planetarians can experience just about any historical event personally. But what happens to our world view when the drama is unfolding now, on tv, in real time?


The media binds millions of us to the moment in ways we will never forget. The Olympic Games…the first moonwalk. Great stuff. But don’t forget, we were also in Dale Earnhardt’s car with him when he died. In 1937, the Hindenburg exploded on live radio. In 1963 JFK was assassinated on live television. Some remember the air being sucked out of the room as the Challenger space shuttle disintegrated before our eyes, or when OJ’s verdict dropped.



It’s easy to look back at past events from the comfort of a centuries thick cushion of time, because those people and places are more like game pieces on a board and have nothing to do with us. But this isn’t history. It’s now. At the pace of today’s headlines, it’s hard to process the impact all of it has on us. Where are we supposed to put all this human drama?


Hopefully we can help each other by talking about what’s going on out there. Not just a Twitter storm. Face to face. Eye to eye. Voice to voice. Only humans can do that. Social media is one way to communicate a message.But an emoji is not the same as showing your real feelings, or getting them in return.


To reduce stress, I’ve declared a moratorium on texting several times a day. And I’m reaching out more in person. So far so good.Which reminds me of a quote I heard on Wallander the other day.


“Do we make a difference? Maybe. Sometimes. Not much. What I do know is that we should never stop trying…every little bit counts.”


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