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Humor is everywhere… so beware

Tiffany Mosig - Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Every day I miss opportunities for smiles, high fives and laughter because I’m not looking for them. But they’re there. In fact, the most “invisible” people often give us the most hilarious and heartwarming moments of connection. 3 cases in point:


1- Ladies vs Car

As an elderly lady pushed a cart slowly across the pedestrian crosswalk, an impatient driver edged closer to the stripes to make sure she knew he was there. Seeing this, another woman stepped into the crosswalk between the car and her. “I’m going to walk across with you, because I don’t think he has the nerve to hit both of us.” The cart lady turned to her new sidekick very seriously and replied, “Not even for double points?” The two of them laughed all the way to their cars.


2- Shopper disturbs the peace

I don’t normally do this, but when a good song came on the PA system of a small grocery store, I started singing. I was alone in the aisle. What the heck? Then out of nowhere 2 people approached me. They seemed to be looking at me and talking…but in fact, they were singing with me. We sang. We smiled. We waved goodbye. It was a potentially awkward moment gone horribly right.


3-The Elevator: Act 1

At an assisted living center a friend and I watched as a woman tried to back an older man in a wheelchair into the elevator. We could see his feet wouldn’t clear the doors. As we looked at each other, the foot support and his feet dropped down with a thud just in time. He turned to us with a gleam in his eye and a big grin. This was obviously not his first performance. We were impressed.


Uplifting moments happen at the speed of a smile. When we miss them it’s not only our loss, it’s theirs.


Happy Halloween!! May we always be young at heart.

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