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Give yourself the Gift of Hindsight

Tiffany Mosig - Thursday, December 13, 2018

December is a special time jam-packed with family, friends and holiday festivities. December is also the month of the annual loathing-fest known as inventory. Nobody seems to like doing inventory, including me. But it’s a necessary evil that has obvious financial importance to the Controller and Operations, and it’s a good way to start the new year based on reality. That’s why successful businesses live by it.


We all do the same thing with our financial reporting at tax time: Here’s where we started; here’s what happened; here’s where we are now; here’s what we will do differently next year.



Makes sense.


So this year I did my own personal inventory of the last 12 months. On balance, was it a Good year or Bad year? To find out, I put 3 columns on a piece of paper and went to work. (What goes in your columns is up to you. But this is what I did.)

Column 1: Good things


  • Best moments
  • New friend(s) I made
  • Old friend(s) I rediscovered
  • Opportunities that changed my life
  • Things I checked off my bucket list
  • People that helped me
  • People I helped


Column 2: Not so good things


  • Worst/scariest moments
  • Friends/family I lost
  • Things I planned to do but didn’t
  • Things I would do over if I could
  • Things I shouldn’t have done
  • People I could have helped, but didn’t


Column 3: Lessons learned


As expected, Column 2 was where I grew and learned the most.


It’s okay if Column 2 is longer than Column 1. It brings its own gifts - invaluable lessons that will make Column 1 longer next year.


All of us at RJ Augustine wish you warm and happy holidays with your family and friends. May the new year bring you peace, joy, understanding and a remarkable 2019.

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