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Freedom (to/of/from) (insert your word here)

Tiffany Mosig - Monday, July 11, 2016

Freedom has lots of faces. I guess it depends on the preposition you’re using. Free will seems to fall under the “freedom to/of” heading like freedom to choose and freedom of speech. It’s good to have lots of those. And we do have lots of those.


Freedom is different for different people. Just as people who are moving on are asked, ‘are you running to something or from something?’, freedom might be a passport before it becomes a destination. Viewed from the flip side, basic things like work, solitude, and commitment can have a unique relationship with freedom.


Retirees:  Freedom from work 
Citizens:  Freedom to work 

Freedom of solitude

Community dwellers: Freedom from solitude
Die hard singles: Freedom from commitment
LGBTQ community: Freedom of commitment
Texters and FB users:         Freedom of selfies
Everyone else: Freedom from selfies



Each of us sacrifices some freedoms to get others. We give up the freedom to hang out with our friends all day for the financial freedom that a job will bring. We give up the freedom to spend indiscriminately to have future freedom and peace of mind. Next time you cross a border, will you be exercising your freedom to explore, or freedom from persecution?




Independence Day is a welcome reminder of all the things I take for granted. I know all of our precious freedoms came and continue to come at a price. Would I trade those freedoms for other ones?


What do you think?


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