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Dates to ponder in March

Tiffany Mosig - Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Just because there is a significant tax date in March, doesn’t mean it’s the only thing we remember about spring’s lead-off month. Other days are significant too. So just for fun, let’s march through some of the good ones.


3rd  Florida becomes the 27th state (1845). Where did people go on vacation before that?
5th The Hula Hoop is launched in 1963. 25 million sold in 4 months. FYI, only 6 million iPhones sold the first year.
6th A 3-year-old McNugget sold on eBay for $8100 in 2012 because it looked like George Washington. Really. I cannot tell a lie.
7th Oreo Cookies turn 100 in 2012! But milk was already over 10,000 years old. What took so long?
8th Pontiac Trans Am debuts (1969). Was $3500 new. Now, at age 47, it’s worth $119,000.
9th “Barbie” is born (1959). Don’t groan at me. I didn’t create her.
11th Levi launches bell bottoms in 1969. Peace, love and hippie counter-couture.
12th The first Coke in bottles hits the stores in Vicksburg, MS. (1894) Things go better.
13th Daylight Savings begins. Personally, I need more night time.
14th Einstein’s birthday reminds us that everyone is genius at something.
15th Corporate Tax Filing Day
17th St. Paddy’s Day
18th Adam Levine’s birthday
19th Academy Awards are televised for the first time in 1953. They had Hope. We - Rock.
20th The first day of spring!
22nd The Equal Rights Amendment passes in 1972; wow, only 196 years after the Declaration of Independence.
23rd Women get to vote in 1920. Again, what took so long?
25th Good Friday
26th Starbucks closes for 3 ½ hours (2008). What????
27th Easter Sunday
28th Istanbul was Constantinople; Now it's Istanbul not Constantinople… (1930)
30th U.S. buys Alaska for 2 cents an acre in 1867. That’s $7.2 million or about what it cost to build the Titanic.

And you thought March was just for filing corporate taxes.


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